RIP Dell Inspirion M5030

if you have wondered where I have gone, yet again, the answer is – my computer died! 

Things in my life gone wrong at the best possible times. This is my last week of school with assignments due tomorrow and my final essay due by Sunday. Guess where my final essay was saved…. Yep. On my computer that is now in pieces on the floor. How will I get my photos and recipes off of it? 😦 

Mistake #1 – not realizing sooner that it was showing me signs of not being healthy. The poor thing has been hinting at me for a while… 

Mistake #2 – googling how to fix it myself and making it worse. How much is a new motherboard anyway? All I needed was a new coin cell battery, easy fix but nooooo I had to try to install it myself and break the tabs that hold it in place. 

Pretty much the worst possible timing. Also, I have been cooking up a storm! I want to share with you all! Hopefully I can find a way to get the computer fixed this weekend so I can share all the yummy things I have been working on because posting from my phone… Not so convenient. 

Wish me luck!! 

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